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Pentacel 'Toddlers Know Best'
Moët & Chandon 'The Bout'
Purina 'PetConnection'
Rockin Protein 'DeAndre Ayton'
Sherwin Williams 'Homemade'

Aubrey’s comedic writing and colorful visual style has been greatly influenced by the imagination and Americana of her childhood, having traveled to 40 states in her family’s motorhome before the age of 10. In the years after graduating with High Honors in Film & Video and being awarded the Outstanding Achievement Award in Media Arts/Film by the acclaimed Pratt Institute, Aubrey set her mind on directing.

Her first documentary about donor conception and the unregualted fertility industry, “The Need To Know”, was executive produced by Tribeca Studios and 23andMe. Aubrey was the Grand Prize Winner for Moët Moment Film Festival sponsored by Moët & Chandon for her film “The Bout” and recipient of a $25,000 prize. She won 1st Place for a Lipton Iced Tea spot and was runner-up for a Klondike spot both via MoFilm’s International commercial competition.

In Aubrey’s commercial career spanning 10 years she has directed notable talents Mark Ruffalo, Priyanka Chopra, Busy Philipps, Hasan Minhaj, Laverne Cox and more. In addition, she writes and edits many of her commercials and studied improvisational comedy at Upright Citizens Brigade.

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