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Kate Spade 'Adeline Adeline'
Duncan Hines 'Hypno Happy'
Whole Foods 'Tantrum Town"
Birds Eye 'Veggie Made'
Alissia 'On the Go'

Evan Savitt is a NY-based director of commercials, branded content, and music videos. His fascination with the rhythmic momentum of everyday life and the elevation of the ordinary into the filmic has translated into a longstanding career in lifestyle content, comedic dialogue and music videos.


As a director, he’s known for his love of dissecting the mechanics of a brief and developing dynamic practical effects and visual patterns.


He has directed projects for clients ranging from Under Armour, to DVF, Kate Spade, Condé Nast, to name a select few. Evan has built a reputation in the health and wellness spaces as well, shooting for Columbia-Presbyterian and Hope and Heroes Children’s Cancer Fund for over 15 years.

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