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Cutter Connections Event Summer 2022

Our Female Mentorship Program, Cutter Connections has now welcomed OVER 850 WOMEN into our community since launching in 2015! More than 50 WOMEN attended our 12th event celebrating the power and entrepreneurship of the multi-hyphenate.

The world has changed and so have we - more of us than ever are starting independent businesses and trying on multiple professional hats - DP/Directors, Writer/Producers, Editors/VFX/Animators, etc.! So, we gathered to answer questions about the benefits and challenges of working for oneself, why it’s important to have a versatile skillset, how to overcome the stigma of having more than one title, and how to stay relevant and hirable via word of mouth alone.

Our esteemed moderator Director/Producer/Writer, Rebecca Eskreis and brilliant panelists DP, Jendra Jarnigan, Director/Editor, Farah X, Director/Writer/Producer, Assal Ghawami, and Producer/Director, Katie Leary walked us through their journeys to success and reflected on what they’d wish they’d known earlier.

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